GURPS Immortals

GURPS 4e "Immortals" Sessions 6, 7

Fernandez family Halloween ball

Player Characters and Halloween costumes in Gene D.‘s GURPS 4e Immortals modern supernatural campaign, as of Sessions 6 and 7 held at Drew & Divya S.’s apartment in Needham, Mass., on Nov. 1 and 14, 2016:

  • Wolf Man: costume of werewolf cop “Connor,” who had been asked to protect the Fernandez family during its masked Halloween ball
  • The Mummy: costume of park ranger “Jack,” covering for his Undead nature
  • Barbie: disguise of “Puck,” when the Pixie wasn’t invisible
  • Cody:” federal agent with shamanic heritage arrived late on scene after retreat to Oklahoma, not in costume but in Men In Black suit

Family members, suspects, and other Non-Player Characters:

  • Freddy Fernandez: the “Burrito King,” head of the Fernandez Tortilla Co. and local magnate; apparently found murdered in his study by Puck but a double was seemingly alive. Why is most of the family vouching for him?
  • Elaine Beaumont: film director who flirted with Meles during and after the party
  • Ali Lucas: DJ at the party, checked out by Connor during sweep of ballroom; actually named Al Lewis, has a petty criminal record; saw Dante and Lupita in costume leaving party via back stairs
  • Jill McDonald: animal rights protestor disguised as Cleopatra; apprehended by Meles and Jack; red herring?
  • Bernard Stein: animal rights protestor disguised as Mark Anthony; apprehended by Connor
  • Franz Prospero: executive chef at party; someone wearing a chef’s outfit was caught on camera in hallway near time of the murder; having an affair with Eliza
  • Eliza Fernandez: Freddy’s glamorous wife, vouched for the living double, claims to love her husband
  • Eric Fernandez: Freddy’s slick oldest son, being groomed to take over the family business; spotted in snooker room by Puck and Connor, who also noted a chemical smell; helpful to police
  • Dante Fernandez: Freddy and Eliza’s brooding middle child; found with his girlfriend in an upstairs bedroom, where Meles found a vine costume seen on the security camera; was close to Enrique
  • Lupita Garcia: Dante’s girlfriend; could she be the sexy devil also recorded in the hallway; Connor and Sandy suspect she’s an actual devil
  • Jenny Fernandez: daughter of Freddy and Eliza, party girl
  • Enrique Fernandez: estranged brother of Freddy, suspected of being responsible for (or the actual victim of) his murder and for stealing old land deeds from office safe that Puck “found” in a locked piano bench in the conservatory
  • Wally Manowitz: contact of Connor’s at the Merton City Morgue; confirmed that DNA testing of Freddy and dead double (Enrique?) strangely matched (suggesting a shapeshifter), also found traces of rare snake venom in the victim


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