GURPS Immortals

GURPS 4e "Immortals" Sessions 8 to 10

"Enrique fuego" and "Limeys and lycanthropes"

Fellow role-players, here’s an update for “Immortals” Sessions 8 through 10, which were held at Drew & Divya S.’s apartment in Needham, Mass., on Nov. 21 and 28, 2016, and Feb. 6, 2017:

In one world, several organizations investigate the paranormal, but none has dominance or can risk public exposure. A new team gathers, determined to retrieve lost relics, fight malevolent monsters, and understand its own secret origins….

Player Characters for Gene D.‘s Immortals modern supernatural game, using Steve Jackson Games Inc.’s Generic Universal Role-Playing System (GURPS) Fourth Edition, created summer 2016, as of spring 2017:

  • Meles Ezana Menelik/the Abyssinian [Beruk A.]: male Ethiopian Immortal human “warden” (actually the Immortal Memnon), landlord, and owner of a coffee house; following rumors of the Book of Enoch and trying to keep a low profile
  • “Cody ‘Walking Fish’ Bashirs” [Byron V.O.]: male Cherokee human with a shamanic lineage, former captain in U.S. Marine Corps, and Man In Black (M.I.B.) assigned by “the Department” to monitor paranormal affairs in Kane County, Colo.
  • Connor Devlin Murphy [Bruce K.]: male Irish human police officer and interdepartmental liaison, infected with lycanthropy in the 19th century; hot-blooded investigator
  • “Sandy Shoals/ Sahandariel [Rich C.G.]: male North American human (vessel), university employee who volunteers at a local homeless shelter, actually an angel trying to prevent the apocalypse
  • Jack Miller/Baldwin Brooker [Brian S.]: male European human, was a medieval peasant who traded his soul during the Crusades (1200s) but cursed with undeath, now working on fire watch at the edge of society
  • “Puck/Aer Lapis” [Drew S.]: male Pixie (Faerie/Ellyhon), nature spirit who occasionally “borrows” items from campers in Roosevelt Park
  • John Q. Public [Brian W./absent ]: male North American human G-Man working for “the Bureau” charged with recruiting, engaging, or neutralizing dangerous talents
  • “Lucien, a.k.a. the Shadowless Savant” [Jason E.R./absent ]: male French human scientist, member of Napoleon’s Egyptian expedition cursed with immortality and with control over light and shadows

Previously, the unlikely team had retrieved ancient relics that were causing people to act out the Seven Deadly Sins around the city of Merton, Colo. The group also aided a crashed extraterrestrial vessel in the resort town of Highview and investigated a murder at the Fernandez family masked ball.

Enrique fuego
After questioning members of the wealthy family, Halloween partygoers, and associates of the Fernandez Tortilla Co., Det. Murphy and his associates split up.

Meles checks in with socialite and film director Elaine Beaumont, and Cody reports to his superiors at “the Department.” Jack talks with burrito magnate Freddy Fernandez, whose double was found murdered during the ball.

Puck continues snooping around the mansion in Turquoise Heights and sees Freddy’s son Dante sneaking out with his girlfriend Lupita Garcia. Connor and Sandy suspect her of being an actual devil but not necessarily evil.

Assistant coroner Wally Manowitz calls Connor to say that something strange is happening with the corpse of Freddy’s double. The detective calls his companions, and they converge on the city morgue.

The ersatz Freddy has come back to life and growls to Wally and Connor that he is actually Enrique Fernandez, Freddy’s estranged brother. He made a deal with Lupita to take on his brother’s form and wreak vengeance on him, but Freddy confronted him at the party and killed him instead.

The rest of Det. Murphy’s consultants arrive. Sandy transforms to his true angelic form and blocks the exit with his wings and holy water. Connor shocks his companions by shifting into a werewolf. Jacks shoots at the reanimated Enrique, but his bullets have no effect.

Sandy draws his flaming sword to decapitate the zombie, which melts into a spicy ooze. The angel takes the remains for proper disposal, and Connor returns to the Fernandez compound.

Lupita admits that she helped Freddy with his secret sauce and Enrique with the impersonation. Connor tells Freddy that his brother isn’t dead, as Dante (disguised as Enrique by Lupita) walks across the lawn.

Freddy confesses, causing a local scandal as he is taken away by police. However, Freddy’s wife Eliza is pleased to be free to be with her lover, chef Franz Prospero [apologies to The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover ]. Cody and Meles keep the land deed that Puck had found.

Eldest son Eric takes over the family business, as youngest daughter Jenny mourns the loss of her uncle and father. Dante and Lupita hit the road on his motorcycle.

Limeys and lycanthropes
Sometime after the Fernandez case, Connor learns that an old friend has arrived in Merton from Ireland. Bran O’Doyle tells him over a pint that members of their werewolf clan, the White Claws, have gone missing over the past several months.

Det. Murphy and company eventually learn of other lycanthropes in Kane County, and he tells skeptical Cody about his checkered past. The group drives out to the Coyote Flats Indian Reservation, where it questions Lexi Sitting Crow, a Ute teacher and shaman.

She tells Connor that she is a fellow werewolf, if not a member of the same clan. Cody and Meles make donations to the reservation school. Puck finds Lexi’s medicine bag and talks with cat Schrodinger.

Cody and Jack later check out Pedro Yellow River, a sheriff and another lycanthrope, while Meles and Connor look for Louis Pinzello, a werewolf and local hood. Sandy and Puck make plans to visit the local Seelie Court in Roosevelt Park.

However, on the way back to Merton, Connor notices that the group’s vehicles are being followed by two black SUVs. He pulls over at a diner in Ikeville, as do the pursuers. The newcomers claim to be tourists, but their clothing style is off, and their accents are curiously flat.

“Colin Stuart” eventually implies that he is with MI8, the British secret paranormal unit. He explains that O’Doyle is a suspect in the deaths of members of the Fianna Lucane, a former IRA lycanthrope cell. Mischievous Puck picks the pocket of one of the foreign agents and gets a clip of specialized bullets.

Connor and Cody manage to persuade Stuart not to apprehend O’Doyle and to share information. The so-called tourists depart for Grant Airport, followed by an invisible Puck. The spies actually go to a safe house in Teslaburg, and Puck is surprised to see a fellow fey with a clipboard.

Det. Murphy and civilian consultants Sandy and Meles meet O’Doyle at the Eastgate Mall in Green Gulch. They find two mauled bodies and hustle the Irish werewolf out of a movie theater. They debrief him at a Senor Chalupa restaurant.

Agent Bashirs requisitions silver ammunition at Tapping Air Force Base and asks his companions to deliver the corpses to him and Lena Ouray. The M.I.B. also runs background checks on Connor and Lexi.

In Teslaburg, Puck hears the British agents talking about a “missing asset” and learns that the pixie is named “Alcye.” Puck eventually rejoins Jack and the others.

Connor and Meles check security footage from the mall and see a black SUV dump the still-lupine bodies. As the movie that O’Doyle was watching lets out, they also spot a drone. Cody sets up as a sniper, and the drone explodes, briefly injuring Connor and Undead Jack.

Puck and Sandy finally go to Roosevelt Park, where they find a faerie circle. The fey offers an ancient clay seal with cuneiform on it, and the angel offers a vial of holy water. A white stag appears.

The stag tells Puck that Alcye has not yet paid her respects and that he is looking for a champion. He thanks Puck and Sandy for their gifts and bounds back into the forest.

While Connor and Jack recuperate, they and the team agree to take Bran O’Doyle to the abandoned mining town of Broken Pickaxe to lure whoever or whatever is hunting the lycanthropes away from human bystanders. O’Doyle reluctantly agrees to the plan.

Meles finds a rocking chair by the old saloon, and Cody takes position in the rickety church bell tower. Connor and Bran stay in a hidden room beneath the apothecary (discovered during the team’s first case involving antiquities smugglers).

Jack hides at a rocky outcropping, as Sandy and Puck reach out to the MI8 agents. Puck also talks with a cockroach before setting up a stakeout at Broken Pickaxe’s hotel.

As night falls, four human-sized creatures with long, thin arms arrive. A dark shape flits among the store fronts and tries to grab Meles by the throat, but the ancient warrior strikes back with a knife. Park ranger Jacks fires his rifle at the ghouls, as cop Connor drops one.

Meles draws a sword from beneath his cloak, while M.I.B. Cody shoots at an Undead attacking Connor. Diminutive Puck aids Jack with his “halberd” — actually a box cutter.

Sandy flies to Meles’ aid, and the vampire rakes his flaming shield with iron-hard claws. One of the ghouls strikes Jack, who feels no pain and switches to his fire axe.

Connor dodges the third ghoul and shifts into werewolf form. He destroys it before it can get to Bran. Meles and Sandy trade blows with the vampire, who brought his grudge from “the old country.”

Cody taps into his newfound shamanic rituals with Warrior’s Blessing. He helps Meles and Sandy finish off the vampire, while Jack and Puck destroy the remaining ghouls. Kleptomaniac Puck filches the vampire’s fangs before Sandy incinerates the bodies.

Bran O’Doyle thanks Connor and friends for stopping the vampire that was hunting their clan. Sometime later, Colin Stuart also thanks the group and acknowledges that his people moved the last werewolf bodies to where they’d be found.

Cody verifies that the British agents actually leave town before reporting to Col. Clancy Brooks, and Connor and Sandy devise a story for their superior, Capt. Andres Trujo….


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