John Public

Barrel-chested, dark-suited government agent


ST 11 HP 11
DX 13 Will 12
IQ 12 Per 12
HT 11 FP 11

Combat Reflexes
Fearless: +2
Patron: The Bureau (9-). Big organization, supplies special gear.
Legal Enforcement Powers (international, covert, may kill).
(Undisclosed advantage)
(Undisclosed advantage)

Code of Honor: “By the Book” (honor civil rights, respect seized property).
Duty: The Bureau (9-). Hazardous Work.
Obsession: Become ‘normal’ (related to undisclosed advantages).
Intolerance: Mutants and “Freaks”.
Social Stigma: Himself a Freak (Reaction -1 when exposed)
Unusual Biochemistry (loosely related to undisclosed disadvantages)
Unnatural Features (related to undisclosed advantages)

Sunglasses are part of the uniform
Only wears tailored g-man outfit
Bizarre biology (related to unusual biochemistry above)
Takes things too literally
Catchphrase: <silence>" … Damn."


Blind Fighting 10
Climbing 12
Criminology 11
Driving 12
Escape 11
Fast-Draw Pistol 13
First Aid 12
Interrogate 11
Judo 12
Karate 11
Invisibility Art 10
Intimidate 11
Law 10
Shadow 10
Sleight of Hand 12
Stealth 12
Throwing Art 11
Wrestling 12
Pistol 13
Broadsword (includes club/staff) 12


John Public.

True identity classified. No Address & Contact information available. Occupation background check yields no records. Financial background check shows an effectively unlimited line of credit, with no known past transactions. All Legal Enforcement/TSA checks return: “Do not search; do not question; do not detain under any circumstances.”

His business card has only his name and a telephone number. If you have his business card, you know the Bureau has taken an interest in you.

John Public

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