Sara Wolfe

Spiritualist and observer of the supernatural




Sara was born to a comfortable, ordinary upper middle class home in northern California on July 2, 1982. Her life was unremarkable until age 8, when both her parents were killed in a car accident, and Sara was sent to live with her older cousin and his wife in Iowa.

Sara’s relatives tried to make her life as normal as possible, but from the day of the accident on, Sara began to hear voices nobody else heard, and see things out of the corner of her eye that nobody else could see. A succession of therapists all chalked this up to unresolved trauma from the death of her parents, and Sara eventually came to believe it as well.

She ignored the voices and visions as best she could, and went about her life. This worked for her until the winter of 2005. Sara was pursuing her Master’s at Dartmouth University, and one snowy night, after a long evening of research in the library, she had an encounter she could not ignore – a full visitation by a ghost, or spirit. The spirit took an interest in Sara’s life, and she eventually befriended it. The spirit needed her help to “move on” by resolving unfinished business from its mortal life, centuries ago, and in return it helped Sara by forcing her to realize her feelings for a young man at the university who she’d been too shy to approach.

The spirit was able to “move on” and Sara found love, but it was to be short-lived. Her boyfriend was killed in a car wreck (and an engagement ring was on his person when he died).

Only days after the accident, a heartbroken Sara was contacted by an Englishman who knew about her relationship with the spirit, and about her visions dating back to childhood. He explained that he was part of a secret society called the Oculi. They knew about spirits, ghosts, and many other supernatural creatures – vampires, werewolves, immortals and other things Sara had thought were the stuff of fairy tales. They observed such creatures, learned all they could about them, and did what they could to keep mundame humanity from learning about them; but other than that, they did not interfere with the supernatural creatures.

He offered Sara a position with the Oculi, and promised that they could explain her ability to see spirits, to control it, and to reveal a larger and stranger world than she had ever imagined. She did not have to think very long about it before she accepted the offer.

Since that time, Sara has been a valued member of the organization. She completed her graduate study, and then went to the Oculi motherhouse outside London for further study. She then undertook assignments all across Europe, encountering a variety of supernatural creatures, and even building, if not friendships, at least wary working relationships with a couple. Her cover for these assignments was as an assistant to an antiquities dealer, sent out to locate, authenticate and obtain rare manuscripts.

As her recruiter promised, Sara was trained in the spiritual arts, and she can now control her ability to see and contact spirits with some reliability.

In the spring of 2016, Sara was given a new, and potentially long-term assignment. The Oculi believed that they had picked up the trail of someone they lad lost nearly a century before, an immortal man who had had countless names, but was originally named Baldwin Brooker. He was believed to be nearly a thousand years old, and he was believed to be living in or near the city of Merton, Colorado. Not only that, but there was evidence that a convergence of the supernatural was occurring in the city.

Sara was set up with a small apartment, documentation for her cover, and a list of potentially useful and/or trustworthy contacts in and around Merton…

Sara Wolfe

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