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GURPS 4e "Immortals" Session 11

Skin walkers

Fellow role-players, here’s an update for “Immortals” Session 11, which was held at Drew & Divya S.’s apartment in Needham, Mass., on Monday, 20 March 2017:

In one world, several organizations investigate the paranormal, but none has dominance or can risk public exposure. A new team gathers, determined to retrieve lost relics, fight malevolent monsters, and understand its own secret origins….

Player Characters for Gene D.‘s Immortals modern supernatural game, using Steve Jackson Games Inc.’s Generic Universal Role-Playing System (GURPS) Fourth Edition, created summer 2016, as of spring 2017:

  • Meles Ezana Menelik/the Abyssinian [Beruk A.]: male Ethiopian Immortal human “warden” (actually the Immortal Memnon), landlord, and owner of a coffee house; following rumors of the Book of Enoch and trying to keep a low profile
  • “Cody ‘Walking Fish’ Bashirs” [Byron V.O.]: male Cherokee human with a shamanic lineage, former captain in U.S. Marine Corps, and Man In Black (M.I.B.) assigned by “the Department” to monitor paranormal affairs in Kane County, Colo.
  • Connor Devlin Murphy [Bruce K.]: male Irish human police officer and interdepartmental liaison, infected with lycanthropy in the 19th century; hot-blooded investigator
  • “Sandy Shoals/ Sahandariel [Rich C.G.]: male North American human (vessel), university employee who volunteers at a local homeless shelter, actually an angel trying to prevent the apocalypse
  • Jack Miller/Baldwin Brooker [Brian S.]: male European human, was a medieval peasant who traded his soul during the Crusades (1200s) but cursed with undeath, now working on fire watch at the edge of society
  • “Puck/Aer Lapis” [Drew S.]: male Pixie (Faerie/Ellyhon), nature spirit who occasionally “borrows” items from campers in Roosevelt Park
  • John Q. Public [Brian W./absent ]: male North American human G-Man working for “the Bureau” charged with recruiting, engaging, or neutralizing dangerous talents
  • “Lucien, a.k.a. the Shadowless Savant” [Jason E.R./absent ]: male French human scientist, member of Napoleon’s Egyptian expedition cursed with immortality and with control over light and shadows

The paranormal investigators had previously solved the following cases:

  • Retrieved ancient relics that were causing people to act out the Seven Deadly Sins across Kane County, Colo.
  • Aided a crashed alien that had mind-controlled troops in the resort town of Highview
  • Solved the murder of a member of the wealthy Fernandez family at its masked Halloween ball
  • Stopped the vampire that was hunting lycanthropes of the White Claw clan, which was also tracked by MI8 agents

Sometime after the group’s latest case, Meles takes inventory at his cafĂ© and talks with young artist Eddel Emebet. She shows him her latest paintings, including one featuring a man in armor facing off against a man in ancient robes as lightning flashes overhead.

Eddel also mentions to the Immortal warden that some university friends claim to have seen the ghost of Olivia Rose, an actress who died 20 years ago, at the theater where she once performed.

Cody learns more about his newfound shamanic heritage from Lexi Sitting Crow at the Coyote Flats Indian Reservation. The federal agent also sets up a cabin in the wilderness.

Werewolf detective Connor joins civilian consultant Sandy in volunteering at the Unity Municipal Homeless Shelter in Merton, Colo. Angel consultant Sandy also applies for a private investigator’s license.

Out in Roosevelt Park, undying Jack returns to his solitary fire watch, while Puck persuades fellow fey Alcye to stay in the U.S. rather than return to the U.K. with the rest of her MI8 team.

Connor and Sandy are called to a crime scene in Plata Arroyo. A headless corpse has been found in the barrio, all the street lights have blown out, and numerous car alarms are blaring. The detective and his partner call in Meles and Cody.

Connor canvases the neighborhood and eventually finds a young informant who says he saw two men fighting with antique weapons. One wore some sort of shiny body armor and had a sword, and the other a long blade on a stick.

Meles recalls Eddel’s painting, as well as a cult fantasy film from the 1980s. Cody contacts Lena Ouray, a scientist at “the Department.”

Sandy calls Katherine Spengler, a trustee at the Kane County Museum of the Arts, to ask about rare weapons.

Meanwhile, Jack receives a distress call from some hikers in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. He and Puck find panicked people running from a figure crouched over the body of their friend Marty.

The bloody cannibal runs into the woods, followed by winged Puck. Jack calls for reinforcements and a medivac helicopter.

Jack and other park rangers stabilize partly skinned Marty and evacuate the other civilians via all-terrain vehicles. Puck follows the predator, who hides behind a tree. A bear then passes through the area.

Puck believes the cannibal turned into the bear and returns to Jack, who issues a bear warning.

The team meets in Merton to compare notes. Meles and Sandy believe that two strange murders are no coincidence. Cody suspects a wendigo or skin changer for the attack in the woods.

Connor contacts local utility companies to see if there have been other power surges. Sandy visits Our Lady of the Divinity to search church records.

Meles examines checks out flophouses. Cody brings tissue samples from the beheaded victim to Lena at Tapping Air Force Base.

Jack and Puck visit the crime scene in Plata Arroyo to see if there are any clues or similarities to the attack in the woods.

Sandy asks Fr. Julio Martinez for access to colonial records. The angel reads about Juan de la Bruja, the leader of a conquistador band that passed through Hogan’s Valley hundreds of years ago. Meles speculates that he may be another Immortal.

Det. Murphy and Agent Bashir go to Marty’s home, where they ask the hiker’s wife if he had any enemies. She says the accountant was popular among his peers and customers but is distracted by her barking dog.

She lets the dog out into the back yard, but Connor and Cody suspect that something is amiss. They go out into the yard and find the actual dog skinned and stuffed into its doghouse. The skin changer has visited the home of its victim and fled.

At Merton General Hospital, Jack and Puck watch over Marty in the intensive care ward. The mauled hiker is delirious and speaks in Arapaho, a language he doesn’t know.

Meles listens to Puck’s recording of Marty’s utterances, and Sandy wonders if some curse is involved.

Cody requisitions an aerial drone to search the area and asks Lexi whom a conquistador might be hunting. Connor issues an APB for a “rabid dog,” as well as suspects resembling de la Bruja and Marty.

Jack recommends to Cody that they track down the other hikers as the team tries to determine if the two cases are related….


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