Immortals Non-Player Characters

Notable Non-Player Characters in Kane County, Colo.:

  • Ambrose Dobbs: clever, ambitious politician and proponent of “open-carry” movement for firearms (Brian W.)
  • Freddy Fernandez: also known as the “burrito king,” head of the Fernandez Tortilla Co., which has a factory in Plata Arroyo and makes El Diablo chips, among many other products; his family (in Turquoise Heights) is one of the most prominent in the area and is a major patron of the arts, but its fortune is rumored to be built on a death or a deal with the devil (Byron V.O.)
  • William Jones: rose from a humble urban beat cop in the 1980s to being the primary liaison between the Merton Police Department and federal authorities. He recently died suddenly in unexplained circumstances.

According to The Merton Prospector, Jones was decorated for service under fire in several notorious drug busts, but his middle years were marred by allegations of improper investigations. “Those were damn lies,” said Agent Thomas Smith, his former partner. For the past decade, the commander had burnished his reputation by coordinating with departments of the U.S. military and….

  • McShane family: descendants of Irish mobsters in San Francisco, suspect “Connor” for the murder of member Rory back during the Gold Rush (Bruce, initially vetoed by Rich as character-specific)
  • Olivia Rose: popular actress, died in her 20s under suspicious circumstances several years ago; an unknown playwright has recently reopened the theater where she performed Downtown (Drew S.)
  • Yakuza: organized crime clans of Japanese-Americans that once controlled parts of Old Town and Little Peking are being forced out (Bruce K.)

  • Coleen Dolan: female Irish-American human, local TV news reporter sniffing around Kane County’s weird occurrences; contact of Lt. Murphy (Session 2)
  • Col. Clancy Brooks: male African-American human, Cody’s superior at “the Department,” personally worked at Area 51; wants to determine how interdepartmental liaison was killed (Session 2)
  • Lena Ouray: female Ute (Native American) human, xenobiologist at “the Department,” views field work as “cowboys looking for trouble” (Session 2)
  • Mother Magdalena Torres-Soledad: female Latina-American human, matronly nun and loyal supporter of Father Angel, though not quite as progressive on matters of church doctrine; she is more skeptical of the supernatural than her younger co-worker. Contact of Sandy who asked him to find “Moonfire” (Session 2)
  • Rada Babajide: male Ethiopian human, tenant of Meles and cab/rideshare driver; told fare Sandy that he knows lots of lore from the “old country” (Session 2)
  • Molly “Moonfire” Mitsui: female Japanese-American human, occasionally homeless hippie and eco-activist found trying to chain herself to a tree in Roosevelt Park but rescued by Jack, Puck, Sandy, and Meles; niece of Cmdr. Jones who was directed to a storage unit (Session 2)
  • Noah Brown: male Australian human, unlucky tourist in forested foothills in Roosevelt Park, tracked by Jack, Puck, and Meles to the ghost mine of Broken Pickaxe, where he was acting strangely and safely apprehended. Later babbled about briefly possessing horn fragment. (Session 2)
  • Thomas Smith: male American human, former partner of the late Cmdr. William Jones and current agent for “the Department.” Found agitated and incoherent in Jones’ home, where mantle had impression of missing item (ancient horn fragment). Later remanded to Tapping Air Force Base by Cody. (Session 2)
  • Padre Angel Fernandez: male Latino-American human, young (late 20s) pastor of Our Lady of the Divinity parish in Nuevo Barrio. Though he is charismatic enough to rise in the church hierarchy if he wished, he seems quite contact to minister to the local populace. Unusual in that A) He was (allegedly) requested to head up this expansion site, and B) He is one of a handful of priests who has not only witnessed, but also successfully performed an exorcism. He’s wide open to the existence of the supernatural. Took temporary protective custody of Moonfire at Sandy’s request. (Session 2)

Immortals Non-Player Characters

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